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We are

The Recovery Clinic.

And we're glad you're here.

We understand how unsettling it can be to start your therapy journey, even if it's not your first time, and how important it is to find a clinic and therapist whose values align with yours.

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Helping you conquer your giants

We built The Recovery Clinic (formerly Conquest Counselling) with a clear mission: To help you conquer your giants.

We believe that everyone deserves support - in order to understand themselves, overcome their trauma, connect with those around them, and gain the skills to better navigate life's many challenges.

We are

  • Accessible
We believe that therapy should be made accessible to anyone, anywhere, and unfortunately, that is not always the case. The Recovery Clinic commits to limit some of the factors that may inhibit someone’s ability to access therapy. We do not create long waitlists, we offer a few billing options for those who are struggling financially. We strive to ensure that all of your queries are responded to promptly to not delay starting your journey to healing. We offer appointments via video call, phone call and face to face.
  • Approachable
Our goal is for you to feel comfortable here with us. We are friendly, non judgmental, open minded and understanding of the fact that we all go through hard times and that we handle everything differently. We are here for you, to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. In order for us to ensure your comfort and security, we can adapt our appointments to suit your needs. If you would prefer an appointment where we kick round a rugby ball and chat rather than sitting face to face then we are all for that. Maybe you prefer a soft blanket and a cuppa while we chat, we are also all for that. We will work with you to find your ‘comfortable’.
  • Inclusive
We are building a team of clinicians who hold an array of different background, personal, educational and cultural experiences to ensure that we have someone, for everyone. We see you, the person you are, not where you come from, what language you speak, what coping strategies you use, or what your goals or beliefs are. We are here to help.

We do things a little bit differently here.

We have created a relaxed, open and safe environment for our clients to come and feel safe to dive into their past and present traumas.

We do this by presenting casually and relaxed. We are non-judgemental and meet our clients where they are at.

Sometimes this means a quick therapy session while kicking a soccer ball around, or walking and talking, and sometimes this just looks like a warm cuppa and a blanket on a comfy couch while we manoeuvre through some of life's hurdles together.